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Discussing Rheumatology: Risk of HZ with UPA, and JAKs in SpA

Prof Iain McInnes reviews two papers this month, and discusses the increased risk of HZ infection with upadacitinib, as well as the role of the JAK-STAT pathway in SpA pathenogenesis.

06th December 2021

Author Interview: Professor Atul Deodhar

Professor Atul Deodhar, professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University.

06th December 2021

Author Interview: Professor Roy Fleischmann

Professor Roy Fleishmann, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

18th November 2021

Discussing Rheumatology: Herpes Zoster and HBV

Prof Iain McInnes discusses the risk of herpes zoster in RA patients taking biologics and DMARDS. He also discusses reactivation of hepatitis B in patients with RA taking tofacitinib.

31st October 2021

Rheumatology Author Professor Paul Bird: Tofacitinib Effectiveness

Paul Bird, Conjoint Professor at the University of South Wales joins Professor Peter Nash, where he discusses real-world data of tofacitinib therapy in RA

15th October 2021

Discussing Rheumatology: Poor Prognostic Factors, Monotherapy, and Combination Therapy

Prof Iain McInnes discusses poor prognostics factors from the FINCH 3 study, and the effectiveness and persistence of monotherapy and combination therapy from the Australian OPAL study.

23rd September 2021

Rheumatology Author Professor Kurt de Vlam: Pain Improvements

Kurt de Vlam, Professor of Rheumatology at UZ Leuven, Belgium.

10th September 2021

Rheumatology Author Professor Vibeke Strand: Upadacitinib and PROs

Vibeke Strand, Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Division of Immunology/Rheumatology, Biopharmaceutical Consultant at Stanford University School of Medicine.

09th September 2021

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